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Mobile app troubleshooting

Jitterbit aims to make native mobile app development and usage as streamlined and simple as possible. In the event you encounter an issue using Vinyl mobile apps, please consult this guide for help troubleshooting.

Usage tips and best practices

In general we recommend you run the most up to date version of the Vinyl mobile app. This version will be available on the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android. If updates are available to the Vinyl app, it is recommended to install any update.

Internet requirements

Running a Vinyl mobile app requires a strong, uninterrupted connection to the internet. In addition, if the app is required to send and receive data in real-time and leverage push notifications it requires:

  1. Mobile device has access to the Vinyl server where the app is hosted. If the server can't be accessed via a web browser, then it won't be able to access via an app.
  2. The Vinyl server can connect to outside services/API for push notifications to work

Wi-fi network settings

For mobile devices running on iPhone, ensure that your Wi-Fi is set to Private. Setting as Public can block incoming connections.

Known issues and workarounds

Issue: Mobile app freezes or crashes after it is launched.

Workaround: Fully restarting the device is a good first step when troubleshooting this type of an issue. If that doesn't resolve what's happening, try the following recommendations based on whether you are running an Android or iOS:

Android Workaround:

  1. Hold down the Vinyl app icon
  2. Click App Info
  3. Click Storage & cache
  4. Click Clear storage
  5. Confirm

iOS Workaround:

There is no current way on iPhone or iPad to delete app cache aside from uninstalling and reinstalling the app. When you uninstall an app from your iPhone, everything you have in that application, including the cache and preferences will be deleted.

  1. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage
  2. In the top section (Storage), tap Manage Storage
  3. Scroll through the listed apps to locate the Vinyl app, select the Vinyl app
  4. Tap Delete App, then head to the App Store to re-install it. This will be a clean install without all the data and documents.

Issue: App links are blocked on mobile by pop up blocker

Workaround: Developer can modify the implemented text control type to instead use an HTML template. An HTML template will allow a user to click on the link and not get it caught/flagged by the pop up blocker.

Example: <a href="{{ExternalLink}}" target="_blank"> {{Title}} </a>

Issue: Saving images to Photo library crashes app

Workaround: Visit the App Store/Play Store and ensure you are running the latest release