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Amazon S3 file system integration with Vinyl

This article will step you through how to integrate an Amazon S3 File System with a Vinyl app. There may be instances where you are looking to view data or information through a Vinyl app, such as bank statements or PDF files, but not have that data actually reside within the Vinyl application server. One option to accomodate this scenario is to configure an external Network File System to handle the storage of this data. Amazon's S3 Bucket can be used as a type of external Network File System.

As a prerequisite, this article assumes you have an existing Amazon S3 bucket already created and available for usage.


For more information on Amazon's S3 Buckets, please see:

URI naming convention

When naming the URI for an Amazon S3 bucket path, the recommended convention is to use dash characters in the name vs. periods, like s3-<region><bucketname>.

Recommended URI example:

To configure an Amazon S3 file system in Vinyl

  1. Connect the S3 File System with your Environment

    • Navigate to IDE > Data Servers
    • Click + Server from Data Servers
    • Enter a Server Name. For example: S3 Outgoing
    • For Type select Amazon S3 under File System
    • Enter the URL of the server to connect to. For example:
    • Supply Security Settings credentials (User Name and Password)
    • Click Save and close the popup
  2. Connect Data Source to Application

    • Navigate to the App Workbench for the app you want to configure
    • Click Data Sources
    • Click + Source
    • Select Link to existing source and click Next
    • Locate the newly created S3 Data Source from the drop-down list, click Selected
    • Click the Link Source button
    • Review the information and click Done
    • If needed, you can link the application Data Source to the Amazon S3 as well
      • From the App Workbench, click on Data Sources
      • Select the application Data Source, click on Link Sources
      • Click Create, select the Amazon S3 data source, click the checkmark icon to save


For more information on File Systems, please see the Network File System content in File system.