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Configuring ca single sign on

Vinyl integrates with CA Single Sign-On (SSO) (formerly SiteMinder) using the Web Access Management (WAM) security provider.


In order to proceed, you will need Administrator access to Vinyl.

Creating a Vinyl security provider

Web Access Management (WAM) is enabled within Vinyl via a Security Provider. Start by signing into Vinyl as an administrator.

  1. Navigate to the IDE
  2. Click the Security Providers button
  3. In the User Authentication panel, click the + User Authentication button
  4. Provide the following:

    • Name: CA Single Sign-On
    • Type: Web Access Management
    • Enabled: Checked
    • User Provisioning: Check to enable just-in-time user provisioning
  5. Click the Save button

  6. In the Claims panel, click the + Claim button
  7. Provide the following:

    • Identifier: SM_USER
    • Usage: Name
  8. Click the Save button

For a list of HTTP headers supplied by CA SSO, see the following page:

Once configured, the WAM security provider will attempt to authenticate any clients that are not already authenticated. For this reason, you may need to sign out before WAM authenticates the current browser.