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Configuring SuccessFactors Password authentication

The SuccessFactors Password security provider is a forms-based authentication provider. It uses the SuccessFactors SOAP API to validate user-supplied credentials.


In order to proceed, you will need the following:

  • An existing SuccessFactors account.
  • Administrator access to Vinyl.

Register SuccessFactors as a Vinyl security provider

To register SuccessFactors as a Vinyl security provider, you will need the following information:

Example Notes
Company ID The SuccessFactors company identifier.
Instance API URL SuccessFactors SOAP API root URL. The URL depends on the data center hosting the SuccessFactors instance. See for more information.


The URL should not include the path (e.g. /sfapi/v1/soap). Vinyl will append the path.

To register SuccessFactors as a Vinyl Security Provider:

  1. Log into Vinyl as an Administrator
  2. Navigate to the IDE
  3. Click the Security Providers button
  4. In the Data Source Authentication panel, click the + Data Source Authentication button
  5. Provide the following:

    • Name: A unique security provider name.

      Example: SuccessFactors

    • Type: SuccessFactors Password

    • Enabled: Checked
    • Priority: A unique integer between 10 and 100. Note that this value must be unique.

      Example: 40

    • Show On Login Form: Checked

  6. Click the Save button

  7. Set the following properties (In the Properties panel, click the + Property button → Select the Parameter → Provide the Value → Click the Save icon):

    • CompanyID: Company ID
    • InstanceApiUrl: Instance API URL