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How to transfer files from a Vinyl app to SharePoint

This article will step through the basic configuration elements required to transfer files from a Vinyl application to a SharePoint location.

Please note that the business use case described in this article may differ slightly from your particular use case, and you may need to make some adjustments to accomodate accordingly.

Step 1: Add the SharePoint data server

  1. Navigate to IDE > Data Servers
  2. Click + Server to add a new Data Server
    • Provide a Server Name. For example: MySharePoint
    • Set Type to Microsoft SharePoint
    • Enter the URL to the SharePoint directory you will store files in. For example:
    • Expand Security Settings and enter the User Name and Password values for an authorized User to connect to this SharePoint location
    • Click Save
    • Expand Testing and click Test Connection to confirm the server can be accessed with the provided credentials

Step 2: Set the uploaddocument stored procedure to public

  1. Click the x to exit out of the Server popup and return to the list of Data Servers
  2. With your new Data Server selected, click the Details button
  3. Click the Procedures button from Data Storage Layer
  4. On the Procedures panel, click the pencil Edit icon for the UploadDocument record
  5. Check to enable the Public setting to On
  6. Click the Proceed button to save


If you do not see Procedure records when you click into the screen, you may need to delete and recreate the SharePoint connection server. Vinyl makes a call initially at the time of creation to a SharePoint data server to retrieve Procedure and Table information. If the Procedure records aren't visible, try and recreate the Data Server.

  1. Click the x to exit out of the Procedures Popup
  2. Click the x to exit out of the Microsoft SharePoint Popup and return to the list of Data Servers
  3. Select the Default Data Server record from the Data Servers panel
  4. Click the Details button next to your App Data Server entry in the Data Sources panel
  5. Click the Link Sources button
  6. Click Create
  7. Set the Linked Data Source value to the Name assigned to the new SharePoint Data Source
  8. Click the checkmark icon to save

Step 4: Add table to stage files to transfer to SharePoint

This step is mostly optional, the critical part to configure is where you register the procedure as an Action. This could be registered on a Custom Event connected to a Button, or how it is outlined in this particular use case. You may have existing tables and/or Rules you want to use in your use case.

  1. You will need a Rule that will contain columns for Name, File, and Library You can name them whatever you like.
  2. Create a table in the App Data Source to contain the files to upload. For example: ReportArchive. Columns to include:

    • FilePath
    • SharePointFileName
    • SharePointLibrary
  3. Click Events from the ReportArchive table

  4. Select the Insert event, click the Open Record icon
  5. Click the Register Existing button from the Actions panel

    • Set Type to Procedure
    • Set Procedure to the SharePoint Data Source.UploadDocument record
  6. Click Save

  7. Click + Binding under Action (Explicit Bindings)

    • Add three records to map to the table Name, File, and Library. The Source Column names will map to the Column names in the table.

Step 5: Create a CRUD rule to insert into the new table

This step is optional, in the business use case outlined in this article it is how we trigger the Event Action. Your use case may differ.

The 3 columns need these values:

  • Name - Name you want the file called in SharePoint. For example: testing.xlsx
  • File - Path and FileName of document on Vinyl server. For example: C:\Docs\myfile.xlsx
  • Library - SharePoint library name - use Shared Documents for default SharePoint library

Step 6: Add the CRUD rule to the event that creates the document

  • Add the CRUD Rule after the step that creates the document
  • If you want to remove the document from the Vinyl File System after transfer to SharePoint, you can add another Action to the ReportArchive table Event to do this after the UploadDocument procedure.