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Vinyl IDE overview

The Vinyl IDE (Integrated Design Environment) is the end-to-end framework area in Vinyl where a developer user can create, build, maintain and launch a Vinyl application. Depending on a User Role and Permissions, they may or may not have access to specific areas in the IDE. This article will provide a high-level overview of all areas contained in the IDE, broken out by menu area.



  • Data Servers: Where you set up data source servers like API connections, File Systems, Vinyl Connectors, Cloud DB's, and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Security Providers: Where you set up security providers for your User Authentication as well as data source authentication
  • Notification Servers: Where you set up connections to notifications services such as an SMTP server or SMS server
  • REST APIs: Where you can view and configure APIs and Webhooks to extend Vinyl


  • Application: Where you can create a brand-new application from a wizard
  • Applications: Where you can view all existing applications in an environment
  • Look and Feel: Where you can customize the UI Layer look and feel of an application


  • Create Release: Where you create and build Release Templates for Vinyl apps
  • Install Release: Where you install Release Templates for Vinyl apps
  • Language Translations: View and configure information for language translations of Vinyl apps


  • Monitoring: Manage servers and schedules information for the environment
  • Usage: Access to metrics on app usage, page views, devices, browsers and languages
  • User Management: Where you configure and add security groups to your Vinyl server. This includes managing the privileges of your groups and adding/ removing users from your groups. User Management and Realms are also configured in this area.

Additional settings

The Additional Settings button on the IDE takes you to a screen with lesser used options available for configuration, including:

Server configuration

  • Licensing: Where you can view certain information about your Vinyl license
  • Site Widgets: Where you configure the site level widgets on your Vinyl server
  • Error Messages: Where you can provide user-friendly common replacement messages for database exception errors
  • Remote Vinyl Connections: Where you can control whether certain applications on your server allow remote connections
  • Site Menu: Where you can configure the site menu links on your server
  • Flush Cache: Flushes the Cache of your Vinyl Server

Advanced development

  • Plugins: Where you can add and configure assemblies and plugins on your server
  • Functions: Where you can view all the custom functions that ship with Vinyl as well as adding and viewing user defined functions
  • Theme Interfaces: Where you can view all the existing Theme Interfaces (selectable values in Themes) and lets you add new ones
  • Silo Permissions: Configure permissions for Developer Silo access to Vinyl

Data management

  • Populate Audit Records: Populate Full Audit records for data sources and associated tables
  • Date Migration: Configure date migration from one time zone to another
  • Delete Sealed Applications: View and delete any sealed apps

Internal settings

  • Data Type Mapping: Where you map data types between different data source types
  • Logical Data Types: Where you can add, edit, and delete the logical data types on your server
  • Vinyl Parameters: Additional configuration options for your environment